How the Heck Do You Set the Time on this VCR?

May 10, 2006

How am I supposed to know?

Where's the manual?

I don't know, I lost it, or maybe I threw it away.

Great, what are we supposed to do now? 

Ta da!  Go look up the manual at Users Manual Guide.   Too often people never take the time to put away their manual guides after they get a new product.  More often people just toss them out.  Why?  Because "we don't need it".  But sometimes, somewhere down the road, we get stumped with one little thing and I bet that manual has the answer.  Now you don't need to fret.  The Users Manual Guide site has the manuals for major brands like Panasonic, Sharp, Casio, and more.  It also has the manuals for different household electronics or appliances like dvd players, microwaves, refrigerators, phones, etc.  It should prove to be a very helpful site.  Although it doesn't have that many brands, I think it will eventually grow and cover more brands and products.  Wonderful idea.  Hopefully you can put some use to it.  


3 Responses to “How the Heck Do You Set the Time on this VCR?”

  1. Lynn Taylor Says:

    I have a tatung vhs plus VCR – still in good working order. lost the instructions manual.
    Just change the bloody clocks back, due to end of British Summertime, do not know how to change the clock on the video. control
    Could somebody tell me how to do this ? It’s very aggravating.

  2. Lynn Taylor Says:

    End of British Summertime. bloody clocks gone back,
    Have a Tatung VCR VHS plus. Good working order, but lost instructions manual. Do not know how to change the time on the VCR – Have controls
    Can anybody please help. All very aggrivating,

  3. there are bargain dvd players that are sold in our area. i think they are generic low cost dvd players *;’

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